Chorale Standard Operating Procedures

Mission Statement: The mission of the Sonoma Valley Chorale is to perform a diverse range of choral music of exceptional quality that inspires, challenges, entertains and educates our singers and audiences.

Being a member of the Sonoma Valley Chorale (SVC) is a privilege and entails not only singing but participating in the operation and support of the Chorale as well. You can be a participating member by:

Contributing: The donations we receive from our audience members and singers are our main source of income. In addition to membership fees, we request that each singer become a “Friend of Chorale” by making a tax-deductible donation each year.

Fundraising: The Chorale depends heavily on fundraising activities throughout the year. All SVC members are expected to support the fundraising activities as well as promote ticket sales.

Volunteering: Every member of the SVC needs to contribute to the operations of the Chorale in some way. You can help with set up and take down each week at rehearsal, and during concert weekend with logistics, cookie baking and receptions. Watch for posted sign-up sheets at rehearsals.

Singers’ Responsibilities:

  1. Each person is required to be ready to begin rehearsal on time. Monday night rehearsals will begin promptly at 7:00 and will conclude no later than 9:30. There will be a break part way through rehearsal. If you have other Chorale business to conduct, please arrive early enough to do so before rehearsal begins.
  2. Regular attendance is very important! There are sign-in sheets. Check off your name each week that you are present. Make a note if you will be out of town on business or on vacation. More than two absences in a concert series must be cleared with the Artistic Director. If you must miss a rehearsal, call Attendance Chairperson (Linda Goudey 707-996-6521, cell 707-696-0365 email [email protected] ).
  3. Music you receive must be put into a black folder in time for performance. It is suggested that you use this black folder throughout the rehearsal time leading up to performances. Every singer should have a pencil available at all times during rehearsal in order to make marks as required by the conductors. Your singer packet of information should also be kept in your folder for reference.
  4. It is your responsibility to notify the membership chairperson (Gary Cramer 415-309-6164; email [email protected]) if you have any changes in information (i.e. phone, email, address) so that our records are kept up to date. We rely heavily on email and our website so be sure to notify us of any change. If you do not have email, it is your responsibility to connect with a singer that does to receive important updates.
  5. Check the Members Only section of our website ( at least once a week for messages from the Director and other important news. No user name or password is required. Any questions contact (Gary Cramer 415-309-6164; email [email protected]).

Registration fees: Registration fees cover the cost of music, rental of the hall and other rehearsal expenses. Registration fees are collected in advance of the next concert series. It is imperative that we have advanced registrations so we know how much music to order.

Concert Performances: The Chorale typically performs 3 times a year: December, March and May