Board and Staff Members

Music Staff:
Artistic Director:  David Irvine
Associate Director:  John Pavik
Chief Accompanist:  RuthE. Wells
Board of Directors:
President:  Dave DeBalli
Vice President:  Sheila Whitney
Treasurer:  Kevin Jones
Secretary:  Linda Goudey
Director: Stephanie Ozer, Gail Wolf, and Steve Wolf
Business Staff:

The SVC staff are the un-sung heroes, responsible for everything from managing our subscriber data and member communications to concert logistics and day-to-day operations. Below are the key contacts.

Admin. Assistant to the Artistic Director:  Linda Scholer
Business Manager:  Linda Goudey
Publicity:  Gail Wolf
Attendance:  Ali Keyes
Wardrobe:  Ali Keyes
Mailing database:  Linda Goudey
Tickets:  Linda Goudey & Linda Scholer
House Manager:  Charlie Enlow
Poster Distribution:  Judy Adams
Concert Volunteers:  Judy McCracken
Programs:  Chuck & Linda Goudey
Email tree:  Cheryl Ghazikhanian